Monday, September 21, 2009

Lions and Tigers and BEARS (And SNAKES)!! OH, MY!!

The same week Jen Jen was here, that weekend, I went camping with my rommates. (Ashley & Tracy)...Well it was actually a Ward campout but we all shared a tent. We went up Hobble Creek--it's such a Beautiful site to behold--soo peaceful and just breathtakingly gorgeous. We made some dinner, our Bishop gave a Spiritual thought, sat around a campfire mingling & talking, roasted some Marshmallows and just enjoyed the Outdoors. It was such a BLAST--especially the part where we got to pee in porter potties...that was my favorite part. ;) Haha, no sharing a tent was seriously my favorite part. I love my roommates...we have so much fun together. We laugh, act goofy and tell all!! One of the Counselors in the Bishopric, Bro. Miller, cooked delicious breakfast burritos the next Morning and by 11ish we were home. I really love to camp despite my fear of bugs and animals...which don't even worry, on the way to the campsite i rode with Ashley and a guy from my ward, Braden, who thought it was cool to mention that there are Rattle Snakes and Bears in the area we were camping. OH MY!! My nerves were on fire--I was so stressed out...I kept looking around me all nite and whenever i held the flashlight i just kept pointing it every which way to make sure there were no Snakes and Bears coming to eat us...but, i'm happy to report, no such event took place. :) Although, Ashley said she woke up in the middle of the nite and heard something rattling and moving around our tent...GOOD THING I DIDN'T WAKE UP!! Haha.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jen Jen!! :)

A couple weeks ago my LOVELY Sister Jenny came to visit UT--Well, to drop her son off at College!! College!!...Wow, my 18 yr. old nephew is now living about 5 min. from me and is GROWING UP (literally, haha)...i officially feel old. Anyway, I only got to see her for a couple hrs., but they were just great!! We laughed, talked, (I cried a little--SHOCKER, I know :) ), and just picked up where we last left off about 3 yrs. ago. I love her a ton and here's my shout out to one of the Best Big Sisters i have!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

Monday, August 31, 2009

"Red, Red Wine..." (Vinegar)...Some People's Kids. Haha.

Tina101: Just in Case You Didn't Know (This class is based on real experiences and my opinions) This is a true story that happened to me back in February while Jeannette & James were visiting UT.

We were all staying with Ben & Joy, including me...i slept over too so i wouldn't miss a thing :), therefore i felt inclined to offer to cook dinner one nite so that Joy wasn't always feeding us, just wanted to be helpful. I decided to make a recipe out of my roommates cookbook, Simply Asian: Walnut Chicken. One of the ingredients the recipe called for was Red Wine Vinegar. I went to store after store to find it and could not. Turns out it's one of those ingredients you can't find at a grocery story--it's more of a health food store or little town Market Shop item. I asked my roommate Blythe where she got it, as she had made it before, and she told me about this Mom & Pop Shop in Provo called Many Lands Market. And she was not kidding either, it's totally a Mom & Pop Shop. I walk in and it looks like a run down warehouse with windows and tons of cooking's sketchy looking. I can't lie. Anyway, I was in a hurry so rather than search for it i headed to the back of the store where i heard voices. I found the owner, speaking with someone, and waited patiently till he was done talking. And then, without hesitation or even thinking about it he looks at me and says, "Usted tiene preguntas??" WHAT!! Gosh my face, he totally just ASSUMED i was Mexican!! I wanted to burst, but i didn't--you proud Mom??--instead i answered him in English and said, "Yes. I was looking for Red Wine Vinegar, do you have any??" He then proceeds to say, "Oh, oh you're English, ok. I didn't take you for being American." He leads me to it and on the way to the register he says, "Have you ever had someone do that to you?? Just start talking to you in another Language?? I get people all the time who think i'm Sweedish." Which, he looked nothing like...pretty sure he just felt dumb at this point and was trying to cover his tracks. Haha, i did sick it to him though. After he rung me up he thanked me and in Spanish i answered, "No thank you. Have a great day." Poor guy, he was soo confused...and then i told him what i said in English as i was walking out. I had to have a little fun, hopefully he learned his lesson. THE THING IS PEOPLE, if you don't know someone's nationality, DON'T EVER ASSUME!! Just ask...chances are they're more than willing, almost excited to share. Better yet, ask with a complement. EX:// "Wow, you have such beautiful skin. What's your background??" or "You have such beautiful features, what nationality are you??" If you do assume, chances are you're WAY off and you've offended the person and made yourself look like a moron. Tina101 is now officially over, for now anyway...stay tuned for more in the future...Thank you for playing. :)

P.S. See there Ben & Joy--I earned my delicious dessert last nite!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


"I Thank God for my life And for the Stars and Stripes May Freedom forever fly, let it Ring. Salute the ones who died The ones that give their lives so we don't have to sacrifice All the things we love..."
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 4th of July!! I always have!! I think I get a lot of my Patriotism from my Mom...ever since I can remember she taught us to vote, be loud about our opinions and support our Country/Government in any way we can. I appreciate the Freedoms & Rights we have in America. I tip my hat to the troops, to the Men and Women who fight for us, for our Nation and who give--no matter what the cost!! My cup runneth over!!
For the past couple years I've been hearing about the Idaho Falls Fireworks Show like crazzy. Some of my best guy friends are from Idaho Falls and after they found out 4th of July is my favoritest Holiday, they've talked it up nonstop--telling me it's the best Show West of the Mississippi. I hadn't had a chance to go...UNTIL this year. With Jeannette & James living in Idaho Falls I was soo THERE!! I left early from work on the 2nd and later that nite the Celebration began!! We went to the 9:50pm showing of Transformers, what a movie!! Wow!! I was soo enthralled. Haha one of my guy friends said it was the, "Movie of the Year." I may actually agree with him. Friday Jeannette & I spent the day together while James worked on his piece of work Acura. Haha. We ran some errands, got pedicures and just well had fun Sister Time. :) That nite we met up with Scott & Cheri & their kids for Fireworks in Rigby. Haha, on the way there we got a little lost and ended up having to call my friend Kaleb for help. Haha, the two of us together...seriously we need a navigation system, I NEED A NAVIGATION SYSTEM. Haha...good times and thanks to Kaleb we made it!! Rigby is a quaint place really, and the Fireworks Show was nice.
Saturday we spent the day on the Green Belt, along the Snake River, of Idaho Falls. From 11am till about 10:30pm, we walked around, went to the Farmer's Market, played with Doc, BBQ'd, played games, hung out with Friends and well just shot the breeze really. It was exhausting, but soo worth it!! The Fireworks were spectacular!!

I enjoyed this year's 4th of July immensely--especially the part where i was with near and dear Family & Friends!! I was one HAPPY GIRL!! Thank you Jennie and James for being willing to make my Favoritest day so SPECIAL!! :)

While Jennie and I were running errands, we drove past this field of Flags. I've never seen anything like it, it was soo touching. I've NEVER seen anything like it. Very Inspiring!! P.S. As a side note: I am in LOVE with the Snake River. It's soo beautiful and peaceful!! I can't get enough of it. Every time I drive to Idaho and get to the point on the Highway where you can see it--there's even a sign to point it out--I absolutely get excited!! It's soo breathtakingly gorgeous. This is a picture of Jennie and I--it was taken awhile ago--along the Green Belt of the Snake River...see the beauty for yourself!! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family + Fun + Laughter = the BEST Warm Fuzzy Feelin EVER!! :)

Oh my!! Don't fall out of your seat, don't open your mouth so wide with shock that you let a bug fly in, and DON'T pee your pants with excitement...cause I'm BAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCccccccccccccccccKKKKKKKKKKK!! Haha. Lately, I've gone back to basics...its been ALL ABOUT the FAMILY!! And i have LOVED every minute. Without sounding too cheesy or mushy i will say this...I have not always valued my family and seen how amazing my Parents and each and every one of my siblings are. What they stand for, how they serve, how strong they are, and most of all their ability to LOVE. I feel blessed and special to call you mine!! :) Thanksgiving One of my favorite things about living in Utah, is Ben & Joy and their kids. They live so close by me and are my SAFEHAVEN from the storm, if you will. I don't tell them nearly as much as I should, but I LOVE you and Utah would NOT be the same without you. Thank you for feeding me, sharing holidays with me and watching N.C.I.S. with me...Haha. (Also, I know most of you East Coasters are jealous he's here and not there...Lucky me!! :) ) Thanksgiving was spent eating, talking, reading Ben's book/novel he's writing (AND NEEDS TO FINISH, haha), laughing, playing, sleeping and well just enjoying each other's company. :) Ben stole my phone, and took this picture in the middle of all the chaos. Cute!! Feliz Navidad I went to Jeannette's again this year for Christmas. We had a blast, despite the heartache I felt, and I can honestly say there's no where else I would've rather been, than with my Bestest friend and her husband. :) We went to dinner at PF Changs, MMMmmm, James took me for rides on his Motorcycle, we went offroading in the Boonies of Missouri--haha we got lost and found a cave and a huge house, which I call the "Whitehouse" of Missouri--and Jennie even took me to the Stateline so i could be in two places at once!! James bought Jeannette an adorable Dog whom she named Doc. He's soo loveable & cuddly...we all loved curling up next to him!! James scored some big points with that one!! :) Jennie made me a Moosie from Build-A-Bear. What perfect timing. She knows I love Moose's and she made it all herself with tender love and care. She stuffed it with...and customized a jacket with the Red Sox logo on it and even reccorded me a message, it's one of our inside jokes...very sweet gift...THANK YOU!! It was a memorable Christmas, one that made me realize how grateful I am for our savior, for his birth and this year, I received the greatest gift of all...he saved me!! In February James & Jeannette came to visit UTAH!! YAY!!...Cause Christmas wasn't enough. :) James bought a Truck when they came out and I convinced him to get it stuck in a snow bank in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. Haha...ok so i didn't know it would get stuck...i just wanted to off road in the snow. Can you blame me?? It was funny, we always have such good times when we're together. We watched the Superbowl at my apartment, spent a couple days in Idaho visiting our friend Scotty, his wife and kids, and the rest of the time we hung out with Ben & Joy and the kids. It was a Blast!! But the bestest part was finding out James and Jeannette were moving to Idaho!! YAY!! The West, I, have missed them dearly!! Becky, my saving grace, came to visit Utah too, in March!! It was a sweet treat to see her & had been too long!! We goofed off, had many, "little talks," and just enjoyed being with each other!! Due to Benji getting sick, they ended up staying longer than originally planned and while circumstances were not the best, I took advantage of the exxtra time with them and drove up to the Hospital they were staying at several times. Haha we laughed, watched American Idol, and teased the nurses. We're troublemakers together but still so loveable. :) Miss you!! Naomi & Derek were nexxt to visit!! They came for about a week or so and it was so special/they're special!! :) The Sunday they were here we went to church in Ben & Joy's ward and drove to Bridal Vale Falls after. We walked the path and took in its breathtaking beauty!! Haha, it felt so good to be with them, i felt so YOUNG and ALIVE--especially while we hiked the Y, HA!! They had to wait for me practically the whole time...oh dear, i hate to say it but i'm getting old!! But hey, at least i did it and for the most part enjoyed it!! We also went to the Kennecott Copper Mines in South Jordan...Wow, what a BEAUTIFUL place filled with colored minerals, dump trucks & interesting information I never knew!! It was definately a trip worth making and who better to go with then two teenagers on break...haha the learning NEVER stops. We shared funny pictures, laughed our guts out, came up with a word of the day and used it as often as we could and well basked in each other's company!! Typical. (Haha, that's an inside joke. :) ) P.S. We still send each other funny pictures and words of the day. AND recently, as in a couple weeks ago, Jennie came to visit me again but this time...ALL BY HERSELF!! Oh it was sooo amazing to have Sister time. We went to dinner, 2 movies (My Sister's Keeper--which we cried our eyes out in...We knew we would, so we took before & after pictures, it's always a photo shoot with us--and The Proposal--which we laughed our hearts out. Perfect chic flick. :) ), went to the pool with Ben & the kids and shopped till we dropped. It was a cherished weekend. I LOVE my SISTER and am soo glad she only lives 3 hrs. away!! Haha, this is Jennie & I's, "Before & After pictures from My Sister's Keeper..."

Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Believe in me!!!!!!

Ok ok, so i know i've gone MIA to the blogging world, but don't give up on me. I'm working away at my new post...stay tuned. It will be here soon. Till then, I LOVE LOVE LOVE you all!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And all that JAZZ!!

The day AFTER I went to Jason Mraz, remember how I mentioned it was a REALLY fun week??!!, I went to the opening game for the Jazz. I went with my friend Jenn and her boyfriend, Keith, and some of his work friends. It was soo cool!! Not only was it the Jazz's opening game, but it was the first ever "Lights Out" Player Introductions for the Jazz. Their new Sound System cost more than a million dollars but definately got everyone charged and excited for the game...there were flashing lights, FIREWORKS (YAY!!), streamers, and the crowd was going I said, it was REALLY fun!! Also, Collin Raye performed the National Anthem, I was so happy to be there...haha I was like a little kid in a candy store. :) Here is the link if you want to check it out, it was the best I could find: